BSc (Hons) Business Studies

About this course

Full-time BSc Business Studies helps you to develop your business management career in industry, commerce or the public sector. It focuses on the acquisition and application of knowledge relevant to the role of the manager in the rapidly changing environment and provides you with opportunities to develop an appropriate range of personal and interpersonal skills.

The full time BSc Business Studies would be well suited to students who are looking to acquire a broad range of understanding on key areas of Business and Management. The course enables you to obtain key knowledge on business functions on both a holistic and personal level.

This course will also equip you with the skills and insights to become more effective Business Managers in regards to managing individual teams as well as making more effective decisions that could contribute to overall Business Development and success.

You will:

  • Be given opportunities to develop transferable personal attributes and entrepreneurial and innovation skills; qualities that are vital to career success
  • Be able to evaluate evidence, arguments and assumptions, reach sound judgements and communicate effectively in complex business settings
  • Gain a sound understanding of the basic concepts, theories and techniques of business management and their application
  • Cultivate a range of personal and interpersonal skills appropriate to a career in business including communication, leadership, teamwork, negotiation, presentation and self-awareness
  • Develop competency in fundamental aspects of business management, including the definition, analysis and evaluation of business-related problems, and the ability to generate and implement appropriate solutions and to make decisions
  • Build awareness of the need to adopt a holistic approach to business management based on a comprehensive overview of the environment within which businesses must operate, and of the need to monitor continuously and adapt to changes in that environment
  • Study current issues likely to affect the current and future operations of business organisations and the formulation of policy relating to industry and commerce
  • Have the capability to progress to postgraduate studies, if so desired, having acquired a basic knowledge of social science research techniques and their applications in the broad field of business and management studies.

Careers and postgraduate opportunities

  • Upon graduation you should find your combination of knowledge and skills in demand with a wide range of potential employers.
  • Typical career opportunities include management level positions in finance, production, purchasing, personnel and marketing. Other graduates may choose to develop careers in the Civil Service, government agencies and other public sector organisations.
  • You might also proceed to postgraduate studies and pursue Diplomas, Masters degrees or PhDs in a variety of disciplines.
  • For more information about the course please visit ulster university 

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