Student support

Numerous support services are available to all candidates from various units within the agency.

If you need to discuss?

Your study career

When considering further study, contact us for guidance and assistance on study career decisions and services available.

Academic skills development

Not only do postgraduate students often need a refinement of their academic skills to ensure success on an advanced level, but professionals returning to study or starting university study for the first time at a mature age may also require some support and guidance into the world of formal studies.
The Department offers a wide range of support services in the fields of academic success, career development, employability, leadership and personal development.

Student Counseling Services

University life can be very exciting and rewarding experience, whether it is exploring a different culture, meeting new people, being independent, improving your language skills – there is much to enjoy!
But may also be difficult and create stress and other dilemmas that impact on your studies, career and personal life. It might take time to get used to the differences of a new country and you could feel homesick.
These feelings are normal and will usually go away in time, when you settle into your life aboard. But for some people these fleeing may not go away quickly and you might need some extra support. In your own country you may turn to family or friends for help when things are difficult in your life. In the same way, we hope that you can visit us if you feel troubled by anything and need to talk.

How can the counselling service help?

We offer various supports that many international students find helpful. We can also offer one 2 one individual session where you can talk to a one of us about anything that is worrying you. Also all our partner Universities and colleges offer counselling services and have professional counsellor who you can also talk to and can also offer various support and groups sessions and information workshops and can offer supported self help sessions as well as other self-help materials.

Our counselling in different languages

We currently have counsellors who are able to offer sessions in:
English, Spanish, Portuguese, Georgian, Russian, Hindi, Urdu, Maithili, Nepalese and Bangladeshi also our partner institutions can offer other language supports when needed.

International student support

Prepare for success
Studying abroad is more different from studying in your home country
It is important to be prepared and know what to expect especially if English is not your first language as it will take you a little more time to adapt.

What you will need to carry in your hand luggage:

  • Passport (containing visa if applicable)
  • CAS (if a tier 4 student) or Short-term Study visa letter
  • Financial evidence
  • All Transcripts/certificates from previous studies
  • Your accommodation address (where you will be living when you arrive)
  • Contact details for the universities and colleges (where you will be studying)
  • Our contact details (Agency how helped you)

When you arrive at the border:

Be prepared for any questions a Border Force Officer may ask on arrival (e.g about course of study, accommodation etc.)

The Office for International Students assists international visitors and students with information on travel, visas and academic studies; and offers a range of support services in the areas of admissions, financial services, accommodation facilities, safety and health matters, and settling-in arrangements.