Study BSc (Hons) Accounting and Management with Ulster University

About this course

The BSc Hons Accounting and Management create the opportunity to progress your studies within growing areas of professional services.

Study for accounting will provide a comprehensive grounding in theory and practice, and an excellent foundation to becoming a Qualified Accountant. It also provides an opportunity to secure exemptions from all of the major Professional Accountancy Bodies, whilst keeping many options open to successful graduates to pursue other careers involving Accounting, Business and Finance.

You will have the opportunity to develop knowledge, skills and insight in the following areas:

  • The concepts and theories of accounting within a broad economic, legal, social and professional environment
  • The basic principles of auditing, investment, finance, taxation and their implications for individuals, organisations, markets, societies and other disciplines
  • Alternative recognition rules and valuation bases
  • The recording, preparation, presentation and analysis of financial information
  • Business and financial information, technology and systems, and professional ethics
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of accounting data

There is a considerable demand for accountants in business, industry and the public sector. This degree provides you with an excellent basis for pursuing professional qualifications with one of the accountancy bodies.

Careers and postgraduate opportunities

Upon graduation you should find your combination of knowledge and skills in demand with a wide range of potential employers and you will be empowered either to embark immediately on a professional career in accountancy or to undertake further study at Masters Level.

Typical career opportunities include:

  • Progression towards becoming a Public Practitioner providing audit, accountancy and taxation services
  • Financial or Management Accountant in a large commercial enterprise or within central or local government
  • Taxation Specialist.
  • Management Consultant or Educationalist
  • Alternatively you will be well equipped to proceed into a management career in business, industry or in the public sector, or to proceed to postgraduate study in accounting or a related area

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