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Our partners are delivering industry-focused programmes that reflect the modern global economy!

With over 30,000 courses from more than 50 providers around the world, Giving you the chance to make your decisions, in education and training.

Know which course is right for you

Choosing the right course and university or colleges is very important decision to make, you’ll be investing a lot of time and money, and it can be difficult not finding the support you need. Here at UK Graduate we invest the time and money to make sure that you don’t have to do this alone.

If you are unsure about what to do next, speak to an adviser for free at our London, Nepal or Bangladesh offices, via Skype or ask for a call back today.

Courses we offer

Postgraduate Courses

Master of Business (MBA) – International
MBA Business Administration
MSc International Business
MBA in Healthcare

MSc Business with Financial Mamagement
MSc Business with International Management 
MSc Business with Marketing Management
MSc Computing & Information Technology
MSc Cyber Security
MSc Mass Communication Management
MSc International Project Management
Full-time MSc Marketing
MSc International Accounting and Finance
MSc Nursing Studies
MA in Theatre Directing
MA Fine Art
MA Education
MA Leadership in Education
MA Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
MA English Language Teaching

LLM International Law
LLM Human Right
LLM Energy and Natural Resources
LLM International Business Law
LLM International and World Economy
LLM Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies
LLM Law General



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Undergraduate Courses

ACCA and CIMA Courses

Internationally recognised professional qualifications across accountancy and finance that will focus on offering the dedicated skills and support needed for success in both business and employment.

ACCA Courses in UK

ACCA in Birmingham

CIMA in Birmingham

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Short Course

Short Course are designed to reflect today’s global business climate. Uniting corporate managers from various nations and cultures and engaging them in a highly charged interchange of knowledge. Courses are updated to meet the changing needs of participants and address recent trends throughout the business world.

Advanced Certificate

Management Development

Investment Management

Postgraduate Certificate

miniMBA Executive Development

Leadership Development

Corporate Training

Short Individual Courses

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Online Study

English Courses

UK Graduate Universities partners Delivers High Quality Language courses all over the world; USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, Malta, Cyprus, Including UK, London, Oxford, Cambridge, Brighton, Birmingham, Manchester and Scotland. Choose your destination of Study Abroad


General English
Group English
Business English
Academic English
One to One English

B1 English Classes

More English language courses available upon request…

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More courses available upon request

For more information about the Entry Requirements and the course Fee

Contact an advisor for FREE Advise by calling 020 3609 0260 or by completing the Enquiry From.


Summer and Winter Schools

Our partners have created a number of summer programmes, specifically designed for those who want to expand their international experience whilst growing knowledge in their chosen subject.

Summer Business School
1-4 weeks summer school
Ideal for Undergraduate students.

Summer Trading School
3- weeks summer school
Ideal for student entering university or currently studying.

Winter Business School
3- weeks winter school
Ideal for Undergraduate students.

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Training Courses

Courses offered will enhance your knowledge and your business.
Advanced management
Oil & Gas
MOT Tester
First Aid
Health and Safety

Tailor-made training courses are available to your needs.

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Health and Social Care

Diploma in Health and Social Care

This 90 credit course has been developed for those who are interested in the health and care sector. It addresses the National Occupational Standards in health and social care and acts as a well-built introduction to both health and social sectors.

How long is the course?

Six Months

What will I study?

  • Unit 1: Developing Effective Communication in Health and Social Care R/600/8939
  • Unit 2: Equality, Diversity and Rights in Health and Social Care D/600/9222
  • Unit 3: Health, Safety and Security in Health and Social Care A/600/8952
  • Unit 4: Development through Life Stages J/600/8954


  • Unit 9: Values and Planning in Social Care Y/600/8960
  • Unit 10: Caring for Children and Young People H/600/8962
  • Unit 11: Safeguarding Adults and Promoting Independence K/600/8963
  • Unit 12: Public Health M/600/8964
  • Unit 45: Independent Learning in Health and Social Care D/600/9026

What do I need to join?

Numeracy and Literacy Level 2 is required.


This course provides you with the knowledge and skills to work with children, young people and vulnerable adults, as well as the underpinning knowledge and understanding for the National Occupational Standards.

How will I learn?

Classroom study will be used to teach you in an informative and interactive way.

How will I know how I am doing?

You will be continuously assessed through your assignment tasks and portfolio building. You will have regular one-to-one feedback from your tutor.

What are the costs?

The course has a fee of £4670 and is eligible for the Governments Advance Learner Loan Scheme. All Learning Material is supplied within the fee costs.

What can I do next?

You can progress on to the HNC in health and social care otherwise you can study a specialised Health and social care degree in social work, nursing or teacher training. Alternatively you can take employment.

What are my career options?

You may go into work in a range of areas, including: Registered Care Homes, Hospitals, Housing, Community Work, Probation, Education and the Voluntary Sector.

Ask our advisers today about your options, This Course is eligible for Advance Learner Loans.



Student Finance

Student funding England

Undergraduate Course Starts in January in London 2016, Apply now before it’s too late

Thinking of Further or Higher Education?

  • Don’t have a grant and need financial support for your course?
  • Don’t have any qualifications?
  • Left school without qualifications?
  • You want to study at a University?
  • Want a high paid Job?

UK Graduate is the solution for your educational needs

All undergraduate degree courses are offered full-time study over three years or four years

Course start dates are January, May or September.

Opt for either

BSc Business and Hospitality Management


BSc Business and Healthcare Management

and your course will include a paid internship in your second year and opportunity to find relevant part-time work from the start of the course.

Take advantage of the emphasis on business practice and benefit from the real-world experience of your lecturers.

“Tuition Fee Loan”

 If you are eligible for tuition fee support, you will not have to pay all of this tuition upfront.

BSc (Hons) Business and Human Resource Management

BSc (Hons) Business Law

BSc (Hons) Business and Marketing

BSc (Hons) Business and Tourism

BSc (Hons) Law and Accounting

BSc (Hons) Finance and Accounting

BSc (Hons) International Business Management

BSc (Hons) Business and Hospitality Management

BSc (Hons) Business and Healthcare Management

BSc (Hons) Law

BSc (Hons) Business Studies

BSc (Hons) Accounting and Management

BSc (Hons) International Foundation Programme

Please note student who do not have any qualifications or experience then their undergraduate course will be for four years, Contact us for more details on 020 3609 0260

If you have completed your HND Higher National Diploma course then you can be accepted for your final year degree course, for more details please get in touch.

We also offer Level 3 courses and HNC – HND courses:

For more information about the Entry Requirements

Contact an advisor for FREE Advise by calling 020 3609 0260 or by completing the Enquiry From.

Student Funding England” options for UK, EU Nationals

This loan is not means tested and therefore most UK students should be eligible to receive the maximum £6,000 loan, unless you have studied a first degree previously. You can also choose to borrow a lesser amount (or none) from the SLC.

Find out more about Tuition Fee and Maintenance Loans on the UK Government website

‘’Maintenance Grant’’

English students may also be eligible to receive up to £3,387 as non-repayable Maintenance Grant depending on the level of household income. If you have a household income of £25,000 or under, you are eligible to apply for a full Maintenance Grant of £3,387.If you have a household income of between £25,000 and £42,875, you are eligible to apply for a partial maintenance grant.

The Maintenance Grant offsets some of your Maintenance Loan, meaning you can take out less, loan but still get extra financial support, which you won’t have to pay back. To find out more about what you could be entitled to visit the UK Government website

Travel and Tourism

Diploma in Travel and Tourism

The BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Travel and Tourism, is an industry recognised to provide you with a solid understanding, of Tourism and the additional skills needed, to progress onto the next level or secure employment. As part of this course, you have the unique opportunity to experience the real world of travel and tourism through guest speakers from industry experts and links with employers.

What will I study

  • Unit 1: Investigating the Travel and Tourism Sector Y/600/9476
  • Unit 2: The Business of Travel and Tourism D/600/9480
  • Unit 3: The UK as a Destination A/600/9485
  • Unit 4: Customer Service in Travel and Tourism L/600/9488
  • Unit 5: Marketing Travel and Tourism Products and Services R/600/9489
  • Unit 6: Preparing for Employment in Travel and Tourism J/600/9490
  • Unit 7: European Destinations R/600/9492
  • Unit 9: Retail Travel Operations D/600/9494
  • Unit 12: Responsible Tourism M/600/9497

How long is the course?

Six Months

How will I learn?

You will learn through a mixture of classroom activities, practical exercises, real experience and educational visits.

How will I know how I am doing?

You will receive continuous reviews, along with full and regular feedback from your tutor to ensure you are on track and ready for your next step. Feedback will be verbal, written or electronic and is all designed to support you on your course and help you achieve the results which you need.

What are the costs?

The fees for this course are £4170, this course is eligible for the Governments Advance Learning Loan Scheme; All Learning Materials are included in the fee.

What can I do next?

You can progress to Higher Education, a Level 4 Apprenticeship or employment within the industry.

What are my career options?

The variety of units studied during this qualification can be applied to any chosen career and will open many doors within the Travel and tourism Industry.

Ask our advisers today about your options, This Course is eligible for Advance Learner Loans.



Foundation Courses


For students who don’t meet the entry requirements for postgraduate study, the Graduate Diplomas and Graduate Certificates below are designed to bridge this gap. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be eligible to progress on to Masters-Level study at a University in the UK.

Extended MSc International Business

Extended MSc Marketing course

Graduate Certificate

Graduate Certificate in Business

Graduate Diploma in Business

We currently represent over 50 universities and colleges and offering more than 30,000 courses, each one leading to an internationally recognised qualification.

Need help please email our admissions team or call us today.