Awareness of Substance Abuse

In this section, you will cover the reasons why people use substances, the types of substances that are misused and the factors that can influence the effects of substances.

Understanding Anxiety

You will look at what happens in a cycle of negative thinking, how an individual's personality and outlook on life can increase or decrease anxiety and the effects of positive thinking.

Understanding Depression

In this section, you will understand exactly what psychotic depression is, develop the skills required to identify those suffering from it and begin to explore ways in which to begin dealing with the condition.

Understanding Eating Disorders

This section covers methods through which individuals with an existing eating disorder can manage and recover including medical interventions, public health resources and further treatment options.

Understanding Stress

In this section, you will understand the definition of ‘stress’, the causes and effects of stress and internal and external demands of stress and how these can be effectively managed.

Understanding the Safe Handling of Medication

You will look at the legislation that governs the use of medication in social care settings in this section, as well as the different legal classification systems, policies and procedures and agreed ways of working that surround medication.

Mental Health Awareness

Section 1: What is meant by mental health Section 2: The social and personal effects of mental ill health Section 3: The responses to mental health issues Section 4: Cultural diversity in relation to mental health issues.

Mental Capacity Act

This first section covers how the Mental Capacity Act (2005) empowers people to make decisions for themselves and protects people who lack capacity, as well as why effective communication is important when working with a person who may lack capacity, amongst other topics.

Prepare to Deliver Excellent Customer Service

In this section, you will begin to identify products and services provided by the organisation in which they work – the policies and procedures for customer service and the potential consequences of offering poor customer service.

Food Safety Awareness

This course covers the legal elements of food safety preparation and the procedures that can be used to demonstrate good practice when preparing food, to ensure high levels of food safety are achieved. You will learn about the principles of food contamination and prevention techniques, the symptoms of food poisoning, the restrictions for handling food after an illness, and the importance of time and temperature when preparing food.